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Medicament indispensabil celor care cresc crapi Koi.

Medicament deosebit de eficient impotriva parazitiilor de tip Gyrodactylus si Dactyogyrus.

Dozare 4 gr/1000 litri apa.

Daca se foloseste impotriva viermilor din branhii tratamentul se repeta si in  ziua 6. Pe toata durata tratamentului trebuie inchis UV-ul.

Triclam against skin and gill flukes (Gyrodactylus and dactyogyrus).

Using instructions: by house worms add 4 gram per 1000 liters in the pond. It must first be dissolved in 1 liter of pond water.
Then spoon it over the pond. Switch off the UVC and the ozone installation during the treatment (6 days).
By gill worms use the same dose and repeat it on the 6th day. The UVC and/or the ozone installation should stay off for 6 days.
This treatment is not harmful for the filter, you can also still feed the fishes during this treatment.

Substance: fenbendazole and triclandazol.

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