Silicon pentru folie iaz

  • Silicon pentru folie iaz
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    Adeziv etanseizant de culoare neagra rezistent sub apa special pentru materialele din PVC si EPDM. Ideal pentru lipirea ferestrelor de sticla la bazine cu apa.

This super strong one component adhesive is particularly striking because of its versatile use. This sealant attaches to most surfaces without a primer. As an example we name here: rubber, and thus rubberfoil, PVC, wood, also painted, glass, metal, epoxy, polystyrene, and PU. Too much to make here a complete list! Including the possibility of sealing rubber EPDM seals and make connections in a secure, reliable and animal friendly way is useful in our industry. There remains a solid and elastic connection. Can be applied both above and below water. For easy sealing of repairs, rid of fold, glueing pieces to each other of rubber epdm, or assembling glass in frame on the foil. Ideal for customers who would like a glass window in the pond!

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